About me

My professional experience

In 2003, I obtained my degree in psychology from the University of Leipzig, having specialised in intercultural psychology during my study exchange in the Netherlands.
I then completed four years of further training and a master’s degree at the Hospital de Sant Pau and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, becoming a systemic family and couples therapist in 2013.
In 2016, I completed a master’s degree at the Erich Fromm Institute of Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy in Barcelona.
I have also completed various courses that form part of the Transcultural psychiatry and immigration programme at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona.
Lately I have been training with Lorna Smith-Benjamin (Interpersonal reconstructive therapy) at hestía and in Focusing at the Carl Rogers Institute, Barcelona.
For many years I have been collaborating with hestía International Centre of Psychotherapy.
Besides my private practice, I also work at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) as a course instructor in the Bacherlor’s Degree in Psychology.

Member of the Official Association of Psychologists of Catalonia (Col·legi de Psicòlegs de Catalunya), membership number: 17359
Licensed as a General Health Psychologist by the Catalonian government, licence number: E08599916
Member of the Catalan Society of Family Therapy (Societat Catalana de Teràpia familiar)

My personal journey

I was born in Germany in 1977.
For many years, I have been interested in similar topics. I began studying psychology due to my fascination with the human psyche and its incredible ability to change and grow. Another topic that comes up time and again is my interest in other cultures, which has led me to live and work abroad since my early twenties, firstly in Ireland, Israel, and the Netherlands, and since 2004 in Spain. Over the course of this time, my journey has increasingly shifted from an outer to an inner one. Being in touch with nature has also always played an important role for me, representing a place for me to recharge and spend time with myself.
The birth of my son has added a new dimension to my life, leading me to discover new sides of myself, an experience for which I am very grateful. Sharing my life with my partner also means that I am continuously confronting myself, which also helps me to keep growing.
Through my ongoing professional development and my work with people in the therapeutic field, I am very lucky to be able to continue learning a great deal from my clients, both on a personal and professional level.